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Our Real Estate businesses will provide you with  an  25% return on investment  


Why Choose US

Once a decision has been reached to invest in property, the question becomes, "Where?" Before you spend large sums of money on real estate investments you need to be sure that the property you are buying is a secure investment.   So why choose US?

1. Low money down

The average two-family homes we sell for are way below US $100k. There are very few places in the US where you can buy updated and fully occupied property for such a small amount of money.

2. High Return on Investment

Because there is very little cost up front to purchase the home, the chances of a high ROI are much greater.

For example: If you were able to purchase a two-unit building from us for $60k and both units were collecting rents of $500, that would be $12,000 a year or a 25% ROI. In a little more than 4 years, the building will have paid for itself.

However if you purchase a single dwelling unit from us instead of a duplex unit , it seem at the beginning it will not getting as high as 25% ROI but single dwelling unit will attract a long term tenant and one of our rental unit have a tenant living there for 25 years. Just imagine the non stop positive cash flow for 25 years

3. Rental Demand

On average the location we chose will have fewer  occupants owning their homes, leaving the majority of the population requiring rental property.

4. Appreciation

As inflation slowly decreases the value of homes across the U.S, the real estate market is plummeting at an astounding rate.

However, some of our property values for example those in the city of Buffalo and Indianapolis are rising. According to CNN  , Both Buffalo and Indianapolis are those only few cities in US expected to see a property appreciation over the next year. ( click both pictures below)


Who will manage the property?

We work with many excellent management companies. Immediately after purchase, we will turn over the property to them. Also, we are in constant contact with them to ensure the proper handling of every problems.

Do I need an attorney to handle the closing?

No, not necessarily. If you prefer, we have many excellent management company can represent you at the closing. they have handled over a hundred real estate closings and are very capable of representing you. Having an attorney represent you can cost up to $1500 dollars .


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